Artists Bio's and Events

10 Gears

10 gears

  10gears born and raised in Clapham/Battersea and now residing in Wimbledon. Inspired from an early age by the diversity of music introduced to him by his mother from reggae to classical all genres in every decade. Naturally this progressed on to becoming an avid record collector and then a Dj. It was at this point he developed a passion for rapping so he started doing little bits on his set and the next 10 years was spent perfecting his flow and studying the art of being an MC. He is inspired by life in general and the city with current plans to put out all his music and to keep on making good music.  

Solid 806

  Solid 806 grew up in Clapton, at the age of 14 he started attending a music seminar called “Grime Club” at “Swanlea” secondary school, he started to grow a passion for music and found something he actually enjoyed doing. Solid grew up in a rough area where committing crime was almost inevitable, Music helped him stay away from the streets as much as possible and guided him to a place where he can express himself and continue a positive journey towards success.  


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